SyntheZyme Biosurfactant Technology

The increased environmental awareness of consumers has led to a higher demand for the green/eco-friendly products. Prudent customers in mature markets demand green products made from renewable sources that are biodegradable and have less harmful effects on the environment as compared to products from petroleum origin. Surfactants constitute an important group of chemicals. They are used for manufacturing household and commercial cleaners, personal care and food products. Surfactants can be derived from both petrochemical feedstock and renewable resources.

In addition to increasing demand for products made from renewable resources, there are specific types of cosmetic ingredients being viewed critically by consumers. One example are certain types of ethoxylates (PEG-derivatives) for which industry is seeking replacement products. While there are existing surfactants which are partially (e. g. fatty acohol ethoxylates, fatty alcohol ether sulfates) or even fully (e. g. alkyl polyglucosides) derived from renewable resources, none of these fulfill all requirements in terms of cost, performance, renewable content, and environmental compatibility (e. g. biodegradability, ecotoxicity). SyntheZyme’s biosurfactant products close this gap by offering raw material flexibility in combination with novel, unique structures resulting in increased performance value in applications.